Book a holiday at Newcastle’s Largest Holiday & Cruise Expo and you could win $500,000!*

Take a moment and imagine – what would you do with $500,000? Pay off your house? Buy a Ferrari? Donate some to a charity? Treat your loved ones to some nice gifts and a fancy dinner? Maybe you’d give your wardrobe a makeover and pair it with a gold-plated Rolex to wear while you sip a 30-year old Macallan aboard your new yacht. With so many options, deciding on how to spend $500,000 can be a little bit tricky – so, we’ve made it super easy to enter the draw, so you can focus on the more important things!

To enter the draw, simply book a holiday at Newcastle’s Largest Holiday & Cruise Expo – you’ll receive one entry per $1,000 spent (and paid for*). The winner of the draw will be invited along to select an envelope, one of which contains a major prize of $500,000! Just like that, your life could change – so make sure you come along and book your next holiday at the 2017 Holiday & Cruise Expo!

*Holiday must be booked & paid in full prior to 31 March 2017. For full terms and conditions, click here.